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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Wesley

  1. What does Wesley Pharmacy and Medical Equipment do?
  2. Why should I choose Wesley?
  3. Does Wesley deliver?
  4. Is there a charge for delivery services?
  5. Where can I park when I come to the showroom?
  6. What forms of payment are accepted at Wesley?
  7. Does Wesley accept insurances for Pharmacy and Medical Equipment?
  8. What is the return policy for Wesley?

Wesley Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Wesley Pharmacy take my prescription insurance?
  2. Who will answer questions regarding my prescriptions?
  3. How much will my prescription cost?
  4. How does the pharmacy receive my new prescription orders?
  5. How do I refill a prescription?
  6. How do I receive prescription refill reminders?
  7. How do I transfer my prescriptions to Wesley?
  8. How can I properly dispose of my unused medications?

Wesley Medical Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of medical equipment does Wesley offer?
  2. May I try the equipment in the store?
  3. Does Wesley bill insurances for medical equipment?
  4. Does Wesley rent medical equipment?
  5. Does Wesley stock wound care supplies?
  6. How long will it take for my medical equipment to be delivered? Can I get same day delivery?
  7. Does Wesley offer respiratory equipment and supplies?
  8. Does Wesley provide mastectomy supplies?
  9. If I don’t see what I want, can Wesley help me get it?
  10. Does Wesley measure and fit for orthotics and stockings?
  11. Do you accept donations of medical equipment?